Welcome to Bartlett Interiors

Bartlett Interiors has a heritage that spans 50 years of serving the Boulder community – and we are excited to see what the next 50 will bring! We are locally owned and operated, and wouldn’t have it any other way. What makes us unique? Stop in, and you’ll notice the difference. We are a small family owned store, but we have the wide range of choices found in bigger stores. In fact, we have the largest library of upholstery, drapery and specialty fabrics in all of Boulder County. Need we say more? We pride ourselves on the quality and appeal of our furniture and design – but we wouldn’t be in this business if it weren’t for the relationships we establish with our clients. Whenever a repeat customer enters our store, it’s like picking up a conversation with an old friend. We love to listen to your ideas and preferences and help you visualize a successful outcome. It’s our passion. Stop in and say hello. We can’t wait to meet you.

Showroom and Design Studio
Our store on Pearl Street is what everyone sees. It is both our showroom and design studio. The store is where inspiration meets resources and experience. It is where the homeowner’s or the commercial architect’s dream takes form and the process of making it real begins.

That said, it’s what people don’t see at the store that makes the difference in what we do for our customers. Yes, we incorporate furniture, floor coverings, fabric, lighting and all the things that go into an exceptional finished project. But we do something more. Something that’s too often missing. We listen. Not just for the words but for what they mean. The customer, you see, has “the perfect finished design project” locked up inside. It’s our job to find the key.

Historical Tidbits
Bartlett Interiors traces its beginnings to 1960. That’s when longtime Boulder residents Joe and Betty Barnhill opened Barnhill Interiors at 1595 Folsom St., where the store remained until 1989.  Jane Bartlett, a schoolgirl friend of the Barnhill’s daughter, worked at the store after graduating from CSU in 1975. After a decade of successful relationship building with hundreds of residents in and around Boulder, she bought the store when the Barnhills retired in 1984. Jane and her sister Nancy, who “signed on” before the ink on the sale contract was dry, have never looked back.